7 Sangria Recipes to Savor

7 Sangria Recipes to Savor on HandmadeandCraft.com

You can go ahead and thank me now…yes, I am about to share 7 amazing Sangria recipes that will make you do a happy dance!  I happen to be a bit of a Sangria fan myself…we actually serve Sangria at Thanksgiving!  I do live in Florida where the palm trees sway and you need a fruity drink in your hand on a holiday weekend.  Anyway, enough about me and my Sangria issues. 

Here are a few creative Sangria recipes for you to taste test…

Pineapple Sangria

Pineapple Sangria – Erin’s Food Files

white sangria

White Sangria – Full Fork Ahead


Laura’s AppleJack Sangria – The Novice Chef

Strawberry Lemon Sangria

White Strawberry Lemon Sangria – Kitchen Treaty

Pom Sangria

Pomegranate Sangria – Eat Live Run


Sangria – Tasty Trials

Blood Orange Sangria

Blood Orange Sangria – How Sweet Eats

Can you even believe these amazing recipes???

Maybe I need to just go ahead and have a party with a pitcher of each one…that would liven things up a bit!

Do you have a favorite Sangria?  Do you like a classic red one or something kicked up with a little something exotic?  I’m an equal opportunity Sangria drinker.


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