No-Sew Pillow Tutorial {DIY Home Decor}

No Sew Pillow Tutorial - DIY Decor on

Create a “No-Sew Pillow” in less than 10 minutes!

Pillows are a quick way to spruce up any room of your home!  Can you ever have too many?  I think not!

I’ll show you how to make this quick pillow with some pretty fabric, a piece of foam, and a little bit of ribbon.  You might have most of the supplies already.  No Sew Pillow on Handmade and Craft

The foam can be any size. The piece shown here is about 16 inches wide and I found it on a scrap pile at a local craft store.

  • I folded the fabric so that the edges were on the inside. This allows for a clean edge on the pillow. I have about 4- 5 inches of fabric on each side of the foam.
  • Roll up the foam.
  • Place the foam on the fabric and wrap it up by rolling until you reach the end.


  • Wrap the ribbon tightly around the ends and tied it in the back with a knot.


  • Repeat on the other side and fluff the ends slightly.


  • I added the second ribbon with tassels to spice it up a little.

Whoo hoo!  Now you have an new accent pillow finished and ready to add to your room!


Can you believe how fast you can do this?

It took less than 10 minutes and you can change it to a different fabric to go with each season!

Have you made any pillows recently?  Don’t you love how they change the look of a room??

Have fun with this one!



  1. Evelyn says

    Love this idea! I always avoid sewing! And I agree, you can never have too many pillows! I think I’ll make one to have between my knees, since I sleep on my side and am currently using an old pillow that I have to fold in half. I think your idea can make me a much better knee pillow! Not to mention the home decor ideas! You could have different colors every season!

  2. kelly says

    I think perhaps if your pillow is that flat (I’m assuming) why not roll it up and do the exact same thing? So upcycling an old pillow to be your new knee pillow! :-) I think I’m gonna go find some of my old flat ones and do this. Well not old, just the ones that flattened out too quickly. :-)

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