8 Margarita Recipes to Try…Yum!

8 Margarita Recipes on @HandmadeandCraft

Margaritas have always been a favorite party drink and these fabulous recipes take a basic margarita and kick it up a few notches.  There’s a little something for everyone and I’m sure you’ll find a new favorite.  You’ll just have to spend a little time on research…you don’t mind, do you?


8 Margarita Recipes to Try…


Margarita Recipe - Watermelon

{The Blu Bungalow’s Watermelon Margarita – Anthropologie}

Mango Margarita Recipe

{Mango Margarita – Mind Over Batter}

pink grapefruit margarita recipe

{Pink Grapefruit Margaritas – There Goes the Cupcake}

Strawberry Coconut Margarita Recipe

{Strawberry Coconut Margarita Recipe – A Girl Defloured}

Agave Margarita Recipe

{Agave Margarita Recipe – Gourmet}

Frozen Margarita Recipe

{Make Ahead Mango Raspberry Margaritas – Oven Love Blog}

Strawberry Margarita Recipe

{Fresh Strawberry Margaritas – How Sweet Eats}

Spicy Margarita Recipe

{Jalapeno Margarita Recipe – YumSugar}

That ought to give you enough ideas to throw a fabulous party, don’t you think??


Are you a Sangria Lover like I am?? You might enjoy these seriously amazing sangria recipes!

Have fun…and invite me to the party!


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