Simple Handmade Entertaining

Simple Handmade Entertaining on Handmade and Craft

Add a touch of whimsy to your next batch of cupcakes with edible butterflies!

Sometimes it’s the simple little details that pack the biggest punch for entertaining.  Having guests doesn’t mean you need to schedule a week of planning, just add a few pretty details to an easy menu to create a festive mood.


I whipped up these extra large cupcakes with a basic recipe and a touch of tangerine flavor.  Then I topped each one off with cream cheese frosting and a edible butterfly from Sugar Robot.  There’s really is no need to pay $3 a cupcake when you can make these in minutes!

To create extra large cupcakes I used this cupcake pan along with these giant cupcake liners…they can be a little hard to find in the store.  I love, love, love how they turned out and I have extra cupcake liners left to keep on hand for the next party.

Edible Butterflies on Handmade and Craft

You can find edible flowers, bees and so much more from Sugar Robot.  There’s something for everyone and it’s a simple touch that your guests will love!

Simply Entertaining on

A few more ideas for simple entertaining…

  • Fresh flowers in any kind of container {get creative}
  • Candles make your home inviting
  • Background music
  • Display your food on colorful platter and stands
  • Serve drinks in large glass beverage containers
  • Stick to a simple color scheme or theme

What’s your favorite tip for easy entertaining?


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